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18oz & 28oz Toby Tin Set Stainless Steel

18oz & 28oz Toby Tin Set Stainless Steel

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This Toby Tin set is the perfect choice for any professional bartender. Crafted in durable, stainless steel, each shaker can hold up to 28oz and 18oz, allowing you to mix cocktails in no time. Whip up delicious drinks with this dependable shaker set.

Boston Shaker Tin 28oz 

  • H: 184mm
  • TD: 91mm
  • Volume: 28 Ounce (approx. 828mL)

Toby Tin 18oz 

  • H: 134mm
  • TD: 87mm
  • Volume: 18 Ounce (approx. 532mL)

Material: Stainless Steel

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