Birdy Shaker and Barspoon Set

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Birdy Shaker & Barspoon Set includes:

500ml Cocktail Shaker
The Birdy by Erik Lorincz 3-piece Cocktail Shaker is a masterpiece of Japanese design that combines simplicity and elegance to create a bar tool that actually helps bartenders make better drinks. Each shaker is micro polished by hand to achieve the ideal surface smoothness that produces the maximum amount of air bubbles and minimises unwanted ice flaking.

The Birdy by Erik Lorincz Bar Spoon is as unique as it is stylish. The edges of the stem have been polished to provide a gentle feel and a commanding grip. The design ensures a speedy stir without unnecessary stress on your fingers. The top end includes a highly functional strainer ideal for draining water or lifting ice in a build cocktail.